Best Health And Fitness Watch

Watch that monitors blood pressure and more

Has An Integrated Thermometer, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram And Blood Oxygen Monitor.

It's Like Having A Doctor On Your Wrist. Detect Heart And Health Problems Early Monitoring  Body’s Vital Functions.

Vita Watch is a health measurement station built into a watch.  Priceless 24/7 health monitoring. This smartwatch includes accurate health features:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Heart Rate Sensor

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Oxygen Meter Monitor
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Health Issues Notifications Early
  • Phone Sync iOS and Android

More Benefits That You'll Need

  • Sleep Monitor
  • Step Counter
  • Calories Monitor
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Different Sports Adaptation
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Receives Calls -Call Logs
  • Sms
  • Music Player
  • Whatsapp - Facebook -Gestures
  • Alarm -Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Anti-Lost Feature
  • Luxurious Design
  • Tempered Glass Both Sides
  • Ip68 Water ResistT
  • Tempered Glass Both Sides
  • Long Battery Life

Vita Wach Your Doctor On Your Wrist!

“Doctors use Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to assess the heart rate and rhythm. This test can often detect heart disease, heart attack, an enlarged heart, or abnormal heart rhythms that may cause heart failure.1“

Vita Watch This financially affordable device is highly beneficial for cardiology patients' treatment as information can integrate through various platforms like labs and health care providers. Previously, doctors were limited to the face-to-face treatment of cardiac patients and had to self-report the patient's vitals. Vita Watch's availability has gained attention to take health care decisions without the regular visit to the doctor's office.

In asthmatic patients the oxygen level monitor is very useful to detect early stages where oxygen levels begin to drop to assist immediately by seeking professional help or calling your doctor.

In healthy people who exercise, monitoring their blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level is important to avoid falling into abuses and excessive exercise that compromise their health. Health alerts are a warning that at that time there is an irregular condition that can compromise your health.

  • Heart rate sensor and electrocardiogram (ECG). Heart disease is a silent killer. It is the leading cause of death for adults worldwide. Even if you lead a healthy life style you could be at risk…Be aware of your heart rate 24/7 – whether you’re simply resting or engaging in a physical activity, Vita Watch will be able to measure your vitals all day long and will even allow you to perform an ECG in less than one minute. Detect any heart issue before its too late.
  • Blood pressure and oxygen monitor. It’s a must for some people to be able to access their blood pressure data in real time, and Vita Watch allows to do exactly that and even more. Be able to measure the pulse and blood oxygen content during an emergency or during fitness or sport session.
  • Body thermometer. Vita Watch isn’t just an ordinary smartwatch – it comes with an advanced feature that is very rare in the smatphone market. This device is able to measure your body temperature and warn you about any changes it notices. Besides, you can easily share the results with your doctor in just one click! Comes in really handy during the flu season.
  • Sleep monitor. Having trouble sleeping? No worries – just put your Vita Watch on your wrist for the night, and you will be able to analyze your sleeping patterns every morning.
  • Step counter. It is said that an average person should walk the minimum of 8000 steps every day since it’s important to stay physically active. Vita Watch tracks your activity and encourages you to reach your fitness goals however big or small they are! Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast.
  • Calories monitor. Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain or even gain weight.


  • Smart alerts and notifications. Smartwatch without smart notifications wouldn’t be a smartwatch, and Vita Watch sure has this feature too. It will help you stay on track of your schedule, never miss a call, and always be reachable by your family and friends in case they need your right away.
  • Sedentary alerts. Vita Watch detects if you’ve been sitting for too long and encourages you to get up and move around for a while.
  • Music player will allow you to manage your favorite tunes right from your wrist.  Control your music - The easiest way to change track and volume.
  • Alarm Reminder -You’ll never forget your anniversary—or your dentist appointment again.
  • Incoming calls and notifications - Keep your phone safe in your pocket and use your watch to answer calls.
  • Camera: Take a photo - Use your Vita  Watch to take a photo on your smartphone
  • Sync to both iPhone and Android - Supports IOS and Andriod
  • Apps: it supports a number of apps due to its access to Apple Store and Google Play store. It primarily allows specific apps dedicated to hiking, swimming, and many more.
  • Water resistant. If you enjoy an occasional swim or do it professionally, Vita Watch will come in handy here too – don’t worry about damaging your watch, it’s water resistant and allows you to dive up to 50m deep.
  • Luxurious design. Forget bulky health monitors and fitness pals on your wrist – Vita Watch looks modern yet elegant, and will surely go with any outfit and make you look trendy!
  • Long battery life. Nothing is more annoying than having to charge your smartwatch every single day. With Vita Watch you don’t have to worry about that – depending on usage, you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing device for up to 5 days!
  • Wide compatibility. Wondering if Vita Watch will work with your smartphone? No need – it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, so you will be able to pair it with any device you use.
  • Easy to use. No matter your age, occupation, or technical knowledge – Vita Watch is not complicated at all. Big bright screen, clear interface, and the convenience of a touchscreen will make your experience with this smartwatch top-notch.
  • And more

Vita Watch is a health measurement station built into a watch. In addition to carrying an infrared thermometer, this excellent smart watch measures the rest of our vital signs, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood presure, electrocardiogram, etc…

Vita Watch Smartwatch is suitable for everyone who attaches great importance to their own health. It can be taken everywhere and offers a quick and easy way to measure vital functions or monitor your own sleep. In addition, the health tracker provides functions such as thermometer, electrocardiogram or blood oxygen measurement.

Through these functions, a Smartwatch offers more possibilities than a classic sports watch bracelet. Of course, the health tracker can also be worn by young people if it is adjusted accordingly. Such health trackers are often used by athletes who want to check or improve their own performance.

If you are jogging or not at home, without Vita Watch Smartwatch it is difficult to measure your heart rate or pulse or to take a blood oxygen measurement on the way. According to the manufacturer the Smartwatch is more than just a watch. It is a small, powerful computer. It can be connected directly to the body by means of the wrist strap.

Thus, the Vita Watch Smartwatch makes it possible to take a wide variety of measurements. Many measurement results are not long in coming. At the push of a button, the measurement data is shown on the large display of the Smartwatch within a very short time.

Many experts recommend wearing such a Smartwatch in order to be able to measure the pulse or blood oxygen content in an emergency. An increased temperature is always a sign that something is wrong with your body.

Even a slight fever warns us that a flu, cold or dangerous infection is imminent. With the Vita Watch Smartwatch you can monitor your health on the road and react quickly. It is not absolutely necessary for you to take your temperature at home with a thermometer.

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